Hello! We're Alex & Danie, it's so lovely to meet you.

This is us. Alex on the left, Danie in the middle and that's our pup Nelly on the right. We met on our photography degree course at Cambridge School of Art a whole 7 years ago. Both being huge photography enthusiasts it only felt natural for us to combine our different skills and give running our own business a good go. We took the plunge and photographed our first wedding in 2016 which was so fun and exhilarating, we immediately wanted to do it all over again. So here we are, luckily it's paid off and we get to call our little dream our job. YAY! We truly put so much love and energy into what we do and the most rewarding part of it all is getting to meet such wonderful people a long the way and being able to watch the joy that our photographs can bring to others.  


  • Fresh air walks with our four legged fur baby

  • Sundays

  • Coffee

  • FOOD: bagels, pizza, a big bowl of ramen & Mums roast dinner are faves  

  • An adventure

  • Dancing in our kitchen to our strange, eclectic taste in music

  • Yoga for Danie

  • Cycling for Alex

  • Being in the woods or by the sea

  • Laughing hard and loud

  • Spring & Autumn

Alex is the tech whizz and Danie is the arty farty one so we balance it out pretty well. We live in a lovely little village in Bedfordshire with Nelly our Basset Hound and Thomas the Tortoise. We are lovers for all of the little joys in life but mainly spending time in the beautiful outdoors and good quality time with each other and our family & friends.


 Our favourite things in the world are:

A D Love Heart


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